HeePD Hub Global ♿️ Disability Survey

* 1. Which factors are important to solving the problem of People with Disabilities meaningfully accessing jobs and being employed in the open job market? ( You can select multiple)

* 2. What are the important factors in implementing an accessible transport solution for People with Disabilities?

* 3. What are the important factors of a Centre (Hub) that would be valuable for a Person with a Disability/ A person who is Differently-Abled?

* 6. Please rank the value of establishing city centres (Hubs) for People with Disabilities in disadvantaged/underserved/poore communities to access paid company jobs, training, skills and transport from home (convenient central transport locations) to work at the single site (Hub)?

* 7. What is the most important for you that you would like to see built, added, improved or changed with a centre (Hub) for People with Disabilities/Differently-Abled?