About Us

We seek to equalize, the job opportunity, Job Accessibility and job creation playing field for People with Disabilities with each HeePD Hub with interviews, training, jobs onsite with transport to each Hub with ZiPD our inclusive transport solution for People with Disabilities .

We have 8 Ecosystems: recycling, urban Farming, Food Services,Contact Center, Coding Academy, transport, recruitment and training, employing people with disabilities. We principally normalizing disability in the workplace with a 3rd of the staff having a disability at the moment at HeePD. Unconscious Bias Prevails . We have 7,5 % with a disability in Disability, yet less than 1% in corporate South Africa, HeePD seeks to create a culture of entrepreneurship and job creation with BPO, combining transport, jobs, training and interviews close to home or in residential locations underserved and inadequate accessible transport for people with disabilities.

Transport for People with Disabilities: ZiPD
HeePD and Mezar have partnered to form ZiPD, for People with Disabilities, where schedules and time are important for People with Disabilities. Whether you are an employee or a person with a disability that needs to get anywhere: mall, airport, family or friends, medical appointment or meeting.

And your transport needs as a person with a disability is …well…ZiPD. Transport for People with Disabilities from A to ZiPD. We are safe for Guide Dogs too.

Contact HeePD at zipd@heepd.com for your transport needs whether personal or staff members with Disabilities for your company. HeePD is a Standing Tall: Recruitment and Advisory incubated venture.

Contact ZiPD for your Corporate Transport Requirements schedule@zipza.mobi or to book a private shuttle book@zipdza.mobi

Zipd provides an inclusive transport solution for all disabilities

Please take our ZiPD Transport Survey 

Thanks for your assistance and support ZiPD zipd@heepd.com

Coding Academy: CoD_Ability

We are launching pilot with CodeSpace and our own internationally supported online Coding Programs supported by our internal trainers at HeePD.

The program is focused on People with Disabilities.

The objective of the Coding Academy, CoD-Ability, is to provide Coding Skills to People with Disabilities to build ICT Skills in an area of STEM, a sector where opportunities for People with Disabilities are virtually nonexistent in South Africa. This will provide invaluable in demand skills for People with Disabilities to find jobs on the open job market and become software entrepreneurs and software development for HeePD.

We will offer various Coding Languages from basic to intermediate to advanced. HTML, Java Script, C+, Python and many others in demand in the open job market.

Training will happen onsite at HeePD. We have short and medium term programs, 2 weeks, 3 months or 6 months or customized depending on whether it’s basic, intermediate or advanced for a specific Coding Language or it would be partner driven.

Candidates with Disabilities interested in applying can apply at talent@heepd.com or codability@heepd.com

“The SAB Foundation is committed to supporting projects aimed at uplifting people with disabilities and HeePD is absolutely groundbreaking. It’s the first project of its kind – and we are delighted to contribute to its success with funding. It is our hope that this pilot will prove the beginning of a successful model that can be replicated elsewhere”, says Bridgit Evans, Director of the SAB Foundation.

This working pilot project with HeePD focuses on three distinct areas; the establishment of contact centres and help desks, urban farming and recycling.

“We’ve started upgrading the infrastructure to create the ecosystem at our pilot site – the Cape Town Association for the Physically Disabled in Bridgetown, Athlone. We’ll be offering skills development and training, bridging courses for students and jobs for people with disabilities here”, explains Masoet. “Eventually companies will be able to support their services with our contact centres and help desks, staffed by people with visual and hearing impairments”.

The urban farming project is up and running and the infrastructure development for the recycling project is under way. Ultimately HeePD aims to establish 20 more hubs by 2020. In addition to the hubs, HeePD will also be providing transport with its ZiPD shuttle service which is launching towards the end of June. “At the moment we have two vehicles and will be operating in the Cape Flats for now, but hope to roll this out further”, says Masoet.

For media enquiries, interviews and further information, please contact:
Jani Le Roux
The Friday Street Club
Email: jani@thefridaystreetclub.co.za
Tel: 071 923 2089

About the SAB Foundation

The SAB Foundation supports and invests in entrepreneurs and social innovation with a priority in benefitting women and youth, people in rural areas and people with disability.

The SAB Foundation was established as a beneficiary of SAB’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) transaction, SAB Zenzele. The SAB Foundation is an independent trust for the benefit of historically disadvantaged individuals and communities through entrepreneurial development in South Africa. To date, the SAB Foundation has invested over R170-million in 844 entrepreneurs and social innovators.

About HeePD

HeePD is the brainchild of Founder Riad Masoet, HeePD is an incubated venture of Standing Tall, a subsidiary of Purple Cow Ventures NPC.
For more information or to contact HeePD visit the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HeePDhubs/